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Apr 19, 2011
Hi i need help picking the best dac around 300euro, Previously I had a better pc soundcard with cirrius logic dac mapped at 101 dynamic range, 101 noise ratio, the crosstalk is 100. To me it had great dynamics and level of details witch I dont want to degree.

Now i want better sound and found vdac mkii and music hall be intressting, but how will they performe??, both got burr brown 1796. I found the music hall performes really high dynamic in 24bit and the dac to be a bit newer.

Vdac mkii vs Music Hall 15.2 dac

THD 0.004% / 0.002%

Dynamic -102db / -115db (-96db 16bit)

Crosstalk -104db / -105

SNR -117db / -110db


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Jan 18, 2011
your comparing specs. And that's a 'dangerous' route to take in hifi. Even if they have the same chipset, it's only a small part of the total that makes a DAC. So my only advise would be: listen. Listen to them both.

Seeing you have a Brio-R I might suggest you'll try to reach for the Rega DAC. It's a superb DAC, and combined with the Brio R you won't be disappointed to say the least ;-)


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