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DAB & FM Aerials together


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Oct 29, 2008

I have recently re-jigged my loft aerials and now I have; DAB aerial into triplexer / FM aerial into triplexer / triplexer out to distribution amplifier VHF input. The amplifier also distributes TV signal which comes from a rooftop aerial connected to the UHF input on the amplifier.

In the main listening room, there is a diplexed TV and FM/DAB wall plate fed from a single cable which comes from the outlet of the distribution amplifier. DAB and FM both have a strong signal but if I connect both the DAB and FM to the tuner/s at the same time the signal drops considerably. I have tried this using a splitter and then feeding a cable to each tuner (I have a receiver with FM only and a DAB / FM tuner). Do I need something other than a splitter at this end - perhaps another triplexer?

Also, why is it not possible to get a wall plate with connections for TV AND FM AND DAB?

Thanks for any advice.


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Feb 15, 2009
I'm no expert on this and it sounds like you need an aerial engineer. However, this might help. We recently moved into a new house. I wanted FM and Freeview aerials. Because of the location the TV signal needed boosting. I remember the engineer saying he had to change the return or ground on the installed aerial cable from attic to wall plate, because the aerial amplifier power couldn't be sent up the screen - I think!

It may be unrelated, but I'd never thought aerials could be wired more than one way, though previously I've escaped the need to boost them.

As to your problem directly, I wonder if two screens are causing the drop? A bit like an earth loop if it was analogue signals? I guess it is rare to want both DAB and FM, especially as Chebby so clearly explained in another post, Internet radio offers so much. He didn't quite say DAB has had it for hifi, but I reckon it has. It's great in the car though!


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Feb 18, 2014
It's the splitter which is causing the drop off.

This page contains a LOT of information. Fortunately for me I didn't have to go into all this detail for my set up (excellent reception!) but it seems to me you need to look at your amplification.


i never found a wall plate with TV/DAB/FM either!

Good luck sorting it out.



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