Cyrus Stream (X or XP) or 8XPD QX for connecting macbook and AVR


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Aug 10, 2019
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Looking to get my first serious hi fi to integrate with my Sony STR-DA5400ES and Bowers&Wilkins CM speakers (CM9s at the front).

I demoed a Cyrus 8XPD amp with CD8SE and was very happy with that setup via CD's, also the AV direct worked well with my home cinema.

Was less happy with the sound quality from lossless rips from macbook to 8XPD optical out to toslink. Compared to the CD8SE, output was flat and unengaging though I suspect this is also because the CD8SE is a great CD player.

I would also consider the new Stream series if i can reproduce better sound quality? Can the Stream series even integrate well with my AVR?

I would certainly appreciate the input of the experts here!



Im not sure how to edit posts so I will just add some extra info in a second post.

I demoed the 8XPD but would consider moving to the 8XPD QX if thats helpful and if the stream products are not suitable for my AVR.... that means, I would prefer to have a unity gain function as the 8XPD QX has.


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