Cyrus Soundkey in new car


Nov 16, 2020
Hi all - after some advice if possible please.

I used my Samsung Galaxy S10 and Spotify to listen to music in my car (Nissan Qashqai) connected via 3.5mm male to male lead (in to headphone jack on phone and out to 3.5mm female on centre console) . I then upgraded the sound via a Cyrus Soundkey DAC that used a different connection configuration (usb-c connector in to phone from one end of DAC and same 3.5mm male to male lead in to other end of DAC and out to centre console. Worked brilliantly.

I've now changed cars which has complicated things by not having a 3.5mm female connection - it's now usb-c!!

I assumed I would just replace my 3.5mm m to m lead with a 3.5mm male to usb-c lead but have realised there are passive and active versions of of this lead, built in DAC versions etc (if I have read up correctly)?

I'm not 100% certain if a) I should be looking at one of either passive/active lead, b) doesn't actually matter, c) built-in DAC lead (assume not if I'm using my Cyrus DAC?) or d) something completely different.

Can post photos if needed if my explanation is unclear. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.



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