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Sep 12, 2010
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I have just bought a Sony blu ray S370. I have connected this to the HDMI input on my
Harmon Kardon AVR 255 then to the Panasonic LCD TV via a 7m QED HDMI cable, I
get a full 1080 picture and HD sound. However when I take the QED cable out of
the TV and put it in to my Infocus IN76 Projector the image resolution drop to
480 for blu ray discs and can’t be changed on any of the menus on the AVR or
Projector. Playing a DVD I get the resolution
via HDMI up to 576p. I know the maximum resolution on the projector is
720p. I have reconnected everything with
component cables and I can select the output to the projector up to 720p or
1080i on the AVR and the picture improves, but I have to use an optical link to
get sound. I have used the HDMI with the projector for
the freeview box / Wii and the old DVD player with no problems, it just seems
to be the blu ray player when playing blu ray discs

I have updated all the firmware to the latest versions on

I took back a Panasonic blu ray assuming it was faulty as I
had the same problem, but no component connections.

Any suggestions?





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Aug 27, 2008
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Id say the issue is the HDMI cable

7m is pretty long for a HDMI cable (many fail well before then).

The tv probably accepts a lower voltage to display a picture than what the projector does

The HDMI will work with freeview and wii as theyre low resolutions. Im assuming the DVD player wasnt upscaled? If so that will be 576 which is what works now. even if it was, perhaps the bluray players output less voltage than the dvd player

Id recommend a chord silver 'active' for this job