Compact Disc’s star has faded, but I like it anyway

Ian AV

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Apr 13, 2023
I will be spinning a few CD's after writing this. Bought my first CD player in the 80's, a Philips CD650 and never looked back. Very disappointed when it started to fail to read discs after 37 years of service! Replaced with a Super Audio CD player which takes it to another level, just not enough discs available. I retained all my vinyl though, some of which are classics now, notably those from the 70's, and occasionally listen to them.
Classe claim that a properly ripped CD with quality bit checking software is better than the CD. However, I have yet to hear ripped music keep the perfect continuity when listening to Dark Side of the Moon that CD does or vinyl for that matter.


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Mar 23, 2021
i´ll always have cds ,but also have records ,i did notice a decrease of quality when buying cds that had already in record ,that´s when i felt stolen by buying them ,never played them they look new , but some of them are very good only re-releases sound awfull, i have at least 6.000 of them but 15.000 records ,only bought ,maybe 10 since 2017 because with spotify i started to buy records and cds again because the price was very cheap, and some records i had were almost with their cover destroyd having the record it self in perfect condition but because it were the most heard records the covers didn´t last several decades and the cd version was not as we heard them on record, but older records do sound better and don´t get destroyd as easy as newer ones