Community WiFi


Feb 15, 2023
We have access to a Community wi Fi with our own unique password for access to our Wi-Fi. My question is can I buy a router so i can plug other product specific hubs into it to run my security cameras, hive plugs etc. Is there a router that connects wirelessly to a network to do this? Any advice will be helpful please.


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Nov 15, 2019
I've been down this route in the past using wifi extenders and you can get extenders which will broadcast a different SSID (the ID of the network, for want of a better expression). So if you have a wireless network called "Fred" you can get extenders which allow you to use "Fred" but call it "Jim" with its own password.

There are basically 2 types of extender, the type which lives in a wall socket and the other is a desktop/shelf type. The latter might have additional connections, such as USB or Ethernet (which it sounds like you might need). Placement can be important, depending on your building layout.

They are either configured using an app or by logging into a web page.

Your best bet is to do a bit of research and look at some reviews (they are likely to give different recommendations!), such as:,review-2225.html

..and there are others. Check the manufactures specs and manuals to ensure that they meet your requirements and can be easily configured to use a different SSID.