Closing down sale at Audio T Camberley


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Apr 11, 2008
Shame- its a good store - i remember i had several demos of cyrus stuff and the staff were friendly and knew their stuff.


First phone call to audio T was told they can't deliver a set of speaker stands because they hadn't got the original box, I asked if they could use a box with some bubble wrap, but they couldn't in case the stands got damaged in transit, they were already ex demo and lightly scratched???

Second phone call I asked if a friend who lives local could collect and I arrange my own delivery as I live quite a distance away, couldn't do this as they don't take payments over the phone??

I can see why they are closing down, why make it so difficult for someone to buy from them??
This is likely due to restructuring after merger of Audio T & Sevenoaks, and not because of poor performance of the store in particular.

According to their website:


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