Choosing BR player


Jun 28, 2021
Hi. I'm after a new disc spinner, for my collection which is 99% blu-ray (a few old DVDs). I'm very unlikely to buy any 4K discs any time soon. My projector is an epson eh-tw4400 which I am more than happy with. Any recommendations? I don't mind getting a 4k player of course, as it would future proof me to some extent (I might get a 4k projector at some point anyway). Also when blu-rays are played via 4k players or into 4k projectors - does upscaling etc take place? Is it better for the player or the projector to do that? Thanks.
Upscaling in a decent Bluray player is usually better than that of a TV or projector. But do bear in mind that genuine 4K projectors aren’t available under around £5,000 - PJs that claim 4K or use 4K logos usually accept a 4K signal, but can’t display it “as is”, and usually do something odd like downscale to 1080p than back up to 4K. Others “pixel shift”, so use a 1080p signal and essentially fill in the blank pixels with neighbouring pixels.


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