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Aug 10, 2019
I have recently bought a samsung 3D smart tv, so i was looking to get a blue ray 3D player, am i right in thinking as the tv is a smart one unlike me i may add, the player does not have to be, and just to top it off i think my surround sound system may have layed down and pegged it this morning ,just in case, i am now also looking to replace that as money is an issue nowadays i would rather not lay out too much, can i mix and match systems ect ,and any recomadations ,as i find it a little confussing ,might be my age !!!, :help: :(
1) If your TV has smart features, a "smart" blu ray player isn't necessary, unless it's got an app which your Samsung doesn't have.

2) Which TV have you got?

3) Are you looking for a separates system (separate amplifier, speakers & blu ray player), or a blu ray surround system?

4) You don't necessarily have to restrict yourself to Samsung. You can mix and match.

5) As above, what's your budget?
Check these pages & let us know what type do you prefer:



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