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CCA vs Arcam rBlink

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Jul 31, 2008
QuestForThe13thNote said:
but I hate to be unbalanced, for its good on budget systems, but try and use it on good premium hi Fi worth thousands and it’s shortcomings come through. Invisibly I bet it’s got more jitter than a pneumatic drill giving someone vibration white finger, hence probably why it sounds terrible into my dac xp signature pre amp.
This terminally ignorant, deluded horse **** again. And you don't know the meaning of the word balanced!!!

As you can see, jitter is a non-issue even with a <$50 streaming device receiving the audio data off a WiFi network. For the sake of completeness, there are a pair of obvious sidebands evident in the 24-bit J-Test of very low level corresponding to +/-250Hz. In terms of amplitude, these are 115dB below the primary 12kHz signal! Absolutely irrelevant in ability to impact sound quality.


As balanced as a fiat abarth going around a corner.

Judging by your tone and if I ever came accross your path, is some form of butchery knife and your freezer going to be involved, such that friends and relations might be wondering where I am.