Question Can KEF Q5 Tweeters be tamed ?

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Aug 5, 2021
Hi Edbostan, I tend to agree with you, these tweeters can be excellent in many regards or slightly harsh with poor recordings. Jazz, classical, Diana Krall all sound great . I noticed some harshness when playing Elaine Page- Memory too, but I also noticed it when I took the same CD to audition the great Dali Oberon 5- the same harshness at certain notes was still there. Rearranging my room furnishings has helped a bit, but the biggest improvement has been to not toe-in the speakers towards my listening chair. I have my speakers about 40cm from the rear wall and pointing down the room at 90deg to the rear wall with decent results.
I even swapped amp to my original Cyrus One and nothing really changed so I blame the quality of the source for many problems.


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Jun 27, 2021
I have a few original Abba LP's and I don't think they are good recordings, at least not using my equipment. The singer's voices can sound harsh particularly at volume. I didn't notice this before using old vintage HiFi equipment..


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