Question Cambridge Audio EVO 150 - DAC and Setup


Feb 8, 2022
Hi there!

Just a question for the owners of this amp, I'm looking forward to getting one in any time soon, I've tried the amazing Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 but the lack of USB DAC is something that pulled me back from it and I cannot afford the 5500eur of the TDAI-3400, therefore I would like to go for an EVO 150 but being and owner of a Dacmagic Plus, and being very happy with it, could any of you test how good is the USB DAC of this amplifier?

And another question is whether there's a possibility to configure the amplifier using a browser (chrome or firefox), I'm aware that the ideal case is to use the stream magic app but something I like from the Lyngdorf is that you can also configure a lot of things from the web, some of them only from the web interface but I cannot see in any review if that's possible with the EVO

Any hint will be appreciated!



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