Calling all Cyrus AV Master 8 owners and general experts.....


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Aug 22, 2008
18,545 does the AV Master act as a pre-amp? How does it (or can it) all connect up in terms of power amps and speakers whilst maintaining stereo on the front speakers?

For instance I have an AV Master, X Power Amp, 8vs2 Integrated Amp, with PMC fronts and centre, together with some Dali rears. With the AV Master as the Pre, can I bi-amp using the X Power and 8vs2 for CD playback whilst being able to switch to 'surround' for TV and DVD playback? It's all spaghetti to me!

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1. Connect all stereo sources to 8vs2 as you probably have at the moment

2. Connect X power to pre-outs of 8vs2 as now

3. Connect front right / left pre-outs of AVMaster8 to 8vs2 (AV input)

4. Connect home cinema sources to AVMaster8 using digital connections if possible

5. Connect front speakers using biwire cable (treble to Xpower/ Bass to 8vs2 as now I assume)

6. Connect centre speaker to centre speaker terminal on AVM8

7. Connect rear speakers to rear speaker terminals on AVM8 (make sure you've got switch set to surround not rear for 5.1 setup).

If not using MC-US leads, you need to hold down AV button 8vs2 when turning it on to set it to pass-through mode for AV channel.

Need more help? Try Cyrus website for user manual (available in archive section) or search for cyrusunofficial website!


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Dec 3, 2008
Hopefully I have understood what you want to do.

I used to have a set up with 6vs2, X power and Av Master 8.0 (the one with 3 internal power amplifiers)

I used the 6vs2 for pre and power duties and X power for front speakers, bi amping these. I would not use the AV Master 8.0 as a pre, as the additional channels are on and I found that the surround speakers gave a "hizz" sound when listening in stereo

The great plus with Cyrus is the MC-BUS that leaves the AV Master off when you select tuner or CD on remote and you can therefore listen to stereo without any of the surround setup being on


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Aug 22, 2008
Thanks for the tips. I've at least reconfiguring my speakers so that the 8vs2 feeds low frequency and the X Power feeds high frequency and it sounds great!

However, the AV Master seems to have developed a major fault (which is why I was wondering if I could use it in another role); it won't recognise the front speakers apart from giving them some buzzing sound.

Looks like I'll have to enquire about the viability of a repair job.

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