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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I have access to a CA Dacmagic2 I gather there about 10years old - was just wondering if there are worth using with a 340c (only about 2 month old) - would the mix of old and new improve the sound or has technology moved on? Also I understand the concept behind seperating the DAC from the transport but how does my cd player know not to use its internal dac after I've installed a external one - do I have to open the case to 'switch off'? Thanks in advance wise one's



I had a Cambridge Audio D300SE and hooked it up to an Arcam Delta Black Box DAC via digital coax, the sound - and this is my opinion - was not as good as the cd player on its own. The Dacmagic2 is from around the same period as the D300SE i had, it may be worth hooking them up and just having a listen. Sound quality is in the eye of the beholder, if you excuse the mixed metaphore...

As for the DAC in your cd player, i would assume - and this is a somewhat educated guess - that the digital coax and Toslink outputs are located before the DAC, so the signal is intercepted before your unit decodes it. The DAC side of the cd player will therefore remain active, as will the analogue rca outputs...

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