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CA 650A or Roksan Caspian Amp or NAD 355 BEE

Dr Beat

New member
Sep 15, 2008
Hi All

My brother wants to upgrade his current amp. He has an offer to buy a second hand Caspian integrated amp for about the same money as a brand new CA 650A or NAD 355 BEE. He wants to upgrade his current amp. Any views which he should choose?

He currently has a second hand Cyrus 3, matched with a pair of second hand Mezzo 2 , and a second hand CA 340 CDP. All advice is most appreciated.


New member
Jan 18, 2008
On the surface it would be easy to dismiss the other two over the Roksan. RRP alone should in theory give an indication on superiority of that product. I have not heard any of the three but I had a brief but thorough spell with the companies K2. I was'nt totally convinced, nowhere near as much as all the magazines raving about it but it was'nt that much adrift from what I'd call a good allround amplifier. If the caspian improves on it, you should get a very good amplifier. Having said that, an open K2 looked to me suspiciously like an older caspian's innards. I may be wrong but it would make perfect sense for a company to use 'older' technology higher up the range to develop a new, lower priced product and in any case, just a couple of tiny changes can make a product sound completely different. A thing Naim apparently demonstrated by simply turning around a couple of capacitors, the result was reported to be drastic.

Anyway, listen before buying if you/he can.



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