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Bucharest A500 vs separates?


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Aug 21, 2020
Based on John Darko’s rave review I ordered the A500 active speaker system to try them out. It is Pricy: US$ 4400 plus the cost of stands. But Darko claims it blows away the KEF LS-50 wireless II system ( it should as it cost US$ 2000 more).

My concern is the lack of flexibility, that going with separates provides. In particular, upgrading the DACs. I have no idea how good the A500 DACs are.

I will exclusively listen to digital from Tidal or Qobuz. The A500 streams up to 24/96 with the hub.

I am thinking that a comparably priced alternative would be a streaming integrated amp, like the Hegel H95, combined with B&W 700 series bookshelf speakers. I have heard the B & W 600 and 700 series floor standers and liked their warm sound. My old LS-50s don’t provide that warm sound.

Any comments?


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Dec 24, 2008
Will be interested to hear your opinion once the speakers are up and running. The do look like a lovely system
Your concerns are the same as anyone who makes the switch to an active speaker system really, but it’s the compromise you make when buying a system like this.

I have the kef LSX and had similar concerns, but in the end the lack of wires between the speakers was the deal breaker, and so far im very happy with them. Hopefully you will be with the A500’s too



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