Bryston B60 for PMC Gb1i


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I wondered if any one familiar with the Bryston B60 could share how it compares to amps like the Naim XS or Roksan Caspian. I am looking for an amp to power my PMC Gb1i's. Bryston seems to be a natural choice because of the partnership with PMC. But because of the huge price difference here in Europe compared to Canada and the US (where they are similarly priced as the Naim and Roksan) I wondered if they are still considered value for money, given the choice. I could buy one SH for similar money as a SH Naim XS. I know the Naim XS is considered a good partner for the Gb1i's as well. Never heard the combination but heard it with the Ovator S-400's and found it a bit warm and focussed on the midrange. Any thoughts are appreciated!
I'm not sure whether I heard that model, but heard the one of the Bryston amps (around two grand new price), and compared to my Leema Pulse it has more power and detail levels, although the Pulse was a match for stereo imaging and dynamics.

Having heard the Naim XS and Caspian M1 in comparison with the Leema, they are pretty much like-for-like, although the tonal balance and inputs on the Leema won the day for me.

Harking back to your original question: Bryston are distributed in the UK by PMC and (so I've been told) test their speakers with Bryston amps. Not heard the two together but would imagine the combo should be impressive.

Sorry can't be anymore help than that.

Good luck, pp


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