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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys,

Great forum. Stopped me doing work all afternoon.

I'm looking to replace my 6 year old Denon all-in-one system with a Cambridge Audio 640 version 2 CD and Amp. The speakers I bought at the time were Boston CR6's and I'm very happy with them. Would they do justice to the Cambridge set up (apart from the obvious Massachusetts connection)? Or would I be better advised to stop up a notch on the speaker side? I feel a fair speaker budget would be about 200 quid. Am I better putting it elsewhere?

Thanks for any input you can give.


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Ed,

Glad you're enjoying the Forums...And we're only just getting started!

I'd strongly advise you upgrade your speakers. The Bostons aren't dreadful, but they're nowhere good enough to do justice to the Cambridge combo. At £200, our clear favourites are the Monitor Audio Bronze BR2s, but you'll need to factor in stands, too. Soundstyle's Z2 stands at £60 per pair would be ideal.

If that busts your budget, some great, slightly cheaper speakers include the Mordaunt Short Avant 902i (£150) and Wharfedale's Diamond 9.1 (£150) - either should still be a big improvement on your Bostons.


Hi Clare,

Thanks very much for the response. I had a feeling that the Bostons weren't perhaps the best for the system. One point I noticed was that a lot of people seem to be using the CR6 for their home cinema set up. As my old Denon has a digital input, using my old set up for amping up my video / PS3 equipment doesn't seem like the worst idea, does it? I am not inclined to go for the whole surround sound set up as music is my main focus.

One other point is that I live in Germany and everything is wildly overpriced here (the Cambridge Amp is 200 GBP MORE than in the UK. Does anyone have any tips on shipping this kind of equipment to mainland Europe? Costs, taxes etc? I am very reluctant to pay inflated prices in Germany and none of the UK dealers seem to ship abroad. Any help would be really appreciated, I know it's not strictly to do with HiFi, but I'm sure other readers here have similar problems...

Thank you.



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