Blank canvas (wall) Inspiration required!

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Jul 24, 2009
Morning all,

not been on here for years!

Hope you are all well and staying safe.

I literally have a blank canvas for my TV wall.

I want to mount the TV to the wall and not see any boxes/wires/etc at all.

I can make stud wall, plaster it etc as I am yet to plasterboard and plaster.

Instead of the normal cabinet/hanging unit under the TV, I want some sort of setup where the Sky box, CCTV hard drive, etc are hidden away or tucked into a 'side' cupboard or false wall type thing.

At the moment my idea is to have the TV mount, cantilever, against the wall, then stud wall around the mount only, as I do not want the TV to 'sit' in a recess. This is to future proof if we went larger. Currently got a 65".

Then thinking of putting in piping going sideways from behind the TV into some sort of false wall/stud wall which either has a door/glass/false wall to the side.

I have made a stud wall to the left to hide a soil pipe so I can either make this wider or replicate it on the right.

See pictures attached, I will add more today to show where I'm at.

The TV can go central to the whole wall OR from the already constructed stud wall to the wall on the right - I hope that makes sense!

Ideas welcome please...


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Apr 4, 2021
I also sought to conceal as much gear as possible with most everything concealed.
Peripherals such as Bluesound player, Playstation and Nvidia Shield TV are all concealed behind the TV which is on a universal mount for accessibility. Speaker cables are visible but the balance of cables are completely hidden from view. The Bluesound Node 2 is behind the TV, just out of on a shelf where the top panel touch controls remain exposed for use. The subwoofers have custom slipcovers.
The cabinet is custom made with (six) concealed nylon tipped levelers so I can slide it out from the wall for servicing, cleaning without scarring the wood floor.
The upper section is 3.5" deep and it has power bars, excess coils of wire, etc, etc screwed or other wise mounted to the back side. The assembly is bolted down to the base cabinet, very sturdy. There is a long wire slot behind the amp.

I have put turntables and disc players behind me forever. My only hifi audio source is the Bluesound Node 2 and networked Synology Diskstation.

This design worked for me and my specific system, might not work for you or appeal to you, but I suggest that you try looking at Pinterest or similar web sites for inspiration.
For example:




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