Best video connection PVR to AV receiver


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am looking to use my Marantz SR7002 to switch video sources.

It accepts component, svideo and HDMI, to upconvert (not upscale leaving that to Pioneer PDP508XD) to HDMI.

I want to use a set top box PVR.

I have previuosly been happy with Humax 9200T but I don't think that outputs component or svideo so would not be suitable to switch through the reciever.

The Topfield TF PVR 5800 can out put componet over SCART so with suitable lead (SCART to component) I could use that or it also has svideo out.

Which of these is likely to be the best way forward?

Also tempted to wait and get the new TF PVR 5810 which is due out next week. This will have HDMI out.

Is this likely to be a better solution? Its about £100 more though!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Component is definitely the way to go with the 5800, but as to how good the 5810 will be, I don't know - assuming it's just a 5800 with HDMI, it would seem to offer a neat solution.


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