Very sorry about forgetting to put info in on my forum, anyway here it is.

I have recently bought 5.1 surround system B&W MT30'S with a B&W PV1 sub along with Pioneer VSX2020 AV Reciever and Pioneer BDP430 Player and was going to get the Panasonic 3d plasma but got cold feet with it being 1st generation 3D, anyway a year has past and newer models are now available, money no object i would get the 65" Panasonic vt30 but cant quite stretch to that, proberbly looking at a budget of around £2,500, also considering other makes, Samsung, LG as well as Panasonic. any advice would be appriciated.
Also look at this 60-inch LG Tv. It's THX certified:

I'm a plasma person, but the 3D TV I've been most impressed with, is the LG LED-lit LCD TV with passive 3D technology:

Passive 3D is extremely comfortable to watch with no crosstalk.


Thanks very much bigboss, i'am very keen on the pana vt30 55" already but cant help thinking about a bigger screen, so will have a look at the LG and see if there is any reviews on it. I see that you have a Pioneer krp 500a kuro very nice, my dad got one of them but I missed the boat, gutted!!!. I too prefer the plasma's, by the way what are your thoughts on the big Samsung plasma tvs


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Sep 10, 2009
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As your post is now over three months old I'm not sure if you are still looking for a big plasma screen? On 3rd October 2011 I went to the biggest Currys shop in Scotland, in Braehead outside Glasgow, to look at big plasma TVs. To be specific, at the LG60PZ950T, Samsung PS64D8000, and the Panasonic TX-P65VT30B. I also managed to look at the Samsung UE55D8000. I took with me two Blu-Ray discs, Star Trek and 3:10 to Yuma. I have to say that I was impressed with the Blu-Ray picture quality of all three of the big plasmas. I couldn't really notice much difference (in shop conditions I know, and I don't think that any of the three plasmas had been specifically set up or calibrated) between the three of them for 2-D picture quality, which is all that interests me at the moment. I'm not into 3-D or smart connectivity. However, I did notice that the 64" Samsung and the 65" Panasonic seemed a fair bit bigger than the 60" LG, even more wow factor to those two. At the time the LG was £1,800, the Samsung £2,800 and the Panasonic £4,000. However, the LG has now been reduced to £1,500, which does make it a bargain for a 60" THX certified plasma screen. (Don't forget though, that unlike the Samsung and the Panasonic, the LG does not have Freesat, it has only Freeview HD.) Just to endorse what I thought in the shop, when I got home (very) late that evening, I played both the Blu-Rays on my 50" Pioneer, and on a quick viewing there didn't seem to be much difference in Blu-Ray picture quality between my Pioneer and the three 60+" plasmas at Currys.

Oh, in the shop I couldn't play Blu-Rays on it so I was watching only the shop loop picture on it, but the £2,500 Samsung UE55D8000 seemed to be a beautiful piece of kit. Yes, I know it's not a plasma, but ...... and the 60" version of it has now been reduced by £500, to £3,500. And remember another, older, plasma from Samsung, the PS59D6900, which I have not seen but is also currently £1,500. And one plasma range down by LG is the LG60PZ570T, at £1,400 (it lacks the TruBlack filter of the 950T) .....

I also looked briefly at the 50-inch version of the top-range LG plasma, the LG50PZ950T, which did look at bit small when I had been looking at the 60"+ TVs. So as everyone says, go big if you can. Good luck!


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