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Best amp for my scenario (with KEF LS50 speakers)?

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Nov 7, 2012
Open to all options really. Just learning.
Last year I auditioned LS 50 with NAD (in the range of 1500 eur max), and after some time, with HEGEL 90 (same dealer, same sources): NAD sounded maybe a little more fun, but HEGEL more composed and maybe better long-term solution. Both amps detailed, good imaging, involving.
As to "all options really", I auditioned it on both occassions against KEF R3, which was my primary interest. Room largish (4,5 x 6 meters, cca 2,8 meters ceilings), same amps and sources, speakers placed on the shorter side. In my opinion, R3 was more detailed, less congested when pushed and as good in imaging. Definitely worth more than its price difference compared to LS 50, in those conditions.
You should check re. network/digital capabilites of those amps, analogue was good.
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