B&W 684 vs. MA RS6 using yamaha receiver


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Aug 10, 2019
Hey ladies and gentlemen,

I'm planning to upgrade my jbl (e60) speakers to b&w 684's or Monitor Audio RS6's. I've got a yamaha rxv659 which is a European version.

I'm wondering if you have any experience with the combination of yamaha and b&w or yamaha and monitor audio.

I've listened (for a short time) to those speakers using a NAD receiver and it was very difficult which of the two I liked the most.

Unfortunately I was not able to listen to those speakers using a yamaha receiver. In that store they don't sell yamaha receivers.

I'm curious about your opinion of the combination of those brands.

For example: Would the combination of yamaha and MA sound to bright?

I've also got a audiolab 8000p power amplifier. Will this make a difference on those speakers?

Which combination would you prefer and why?




Take your amp (and source) to the store and try them. If they won't allow it, don't buy from them. Buy what sounds right on the day. Enjoy!


[quote user="Mastermano"]Would the combination of yamaha and MA sound to bright?[/quote]

Yes, very likely.

[quote user="Mastermano"]I've also got a audiolab 8000p power amplifier. Will this make a difference on those speakers?[/quote]

Audiolab will do the job a lot better.

RS6 are very capable speakers. Probably better than 684. But, I'd go with B&W in your case. If you do buy RS6, you'd definitely need to hook it up through your Audiolab.


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Sep 6, 2007
I've listened to both the 684's and the RS6's and the B&W's to me were far superior.

They had much better bass control, fast and punchy, the mid-range was brilliant and the treble was well controlled and not clinical or tinny as i found the RS6's to be.

The RS6's bass was good but a little sloppy i felt and the mid-range was just as good as the B&W's.

I've no experience of your Yahama receiver/amp but i did audition both the B&W's and the M/A speakers with Audiolab Integrated and Power as well as my Arcam amp set-up and Rotel RA-06 integrated and power also.

It also depends on what music you listen to. I auduitioned the speakers/amps with Leftfield, Underworld, Hed Kandi, Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden - Covering all angles of my eclectic taste in music.


Thanks for your replies.

I indeed had in mind to take my yamaha receiver and audiolab to the store.

Unfortunately the store is not nearby and there are not a lot of stores in the Netherlands where they sell both Monitor Audio and B&W 600 speakers. I don't like to transport my components because of possible damage.

But if I want to know what sounds best, I have to :D

I often listen to pop and dance music. But I've got a broad taste so honestly I listen to all kind of music.


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