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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I was hoping some of you guys would be able to help. Be gentle I am quite new to this. I currently have a 3-4 year old Sony Dvd player home theater 5.1 system, whuich I am looking to replace. I have just gained a set of Mordaunt Short speakers including 904 floor Standing , book shelves, subwoofer, and centre, and am now looking for an AV amp. In addition to TV/DVD/Blueray,and games console. I currently have the majority of my music stored on a Nas Drive, and or Ipod which I would like to be able to access amd play via the amp. Another important factor is Multiroom. I want to be able to listen to music in the kitchen/dining room, either with the main room, or seperate. and may also extend to a third zone outdoor in the future. I have spent a fair bit of time looking at the Sonos and other network Multiroom Systems, which I initially believed was what I was after. But due to the fact we are a little in the sticks, our Broadband is not purfect, and I have read that this can break down if somebody is on the internet for instance. One last thought is, we have a 22inch LED TV in the Kitchen/dining Room, so audio is not great. Is it possible to connect 2 Tv's via HDMI, which would then enable the Zone 2 Speakers to work with the Second TV. And so finailly a second Remote would be required, with IR receivers etc would be required. Any thoughts or ideas on a suitable amp would be greatly appreciated,or am I living in a dream world ? I dont really no where to start. I have been thinking Yamaha 2067/3067, but just had a baby so funds are tight.


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Sep 17, 2011
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I'm not sure I know how to be gentle, but I dont have much experience or kit as you!

My interpretation of reciever's with 2 hdmi out's is that they will do exactly what you want, and if you've got the budget to look at the Yamaha's you mention, I don't think you'll have a problem getting one to suit you.

I believe you can only output 1 source via the 2 hdm's, but if your looking to keep up with the X factor while cooking dinner in the kitchen and the wife's in the lounge, then it's what you need.

From my limited knowledge, it would be costly to add a second remote, and why would you want to, as dual hdmi's are limited to one source.

Be GENTLE with me if I've got this wrong please experts, just adding my thoughts!


Thanks Natstick, a good useful response.

It has opened up a few more questions! My initial toughts was just about trying to upgrade the audio to the dining room via the use of the zone 2 speakers.

The TV in the dinning room has a built in freeview tuner. so if I connect to amp via HDMI in and then back via hdmi out could I use the zone 2 to upgrade picture and sound ? I assume you could only have one tv working at a time - which would not be the end of the world, as I am not intending to use this for the dining room all of the time.

If I was just after audio, whould I need 2 HDMI outs, is there a cheaper option ?

Thanks in advance