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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a couple of questions regarding the ATC SCM11's... In the awards issue it says that the ATCs only work best at medium to high volume levels. How would you describe this? Would I be correct in thinking that 'low level' is background listening and 'high' is where it's too loud to talk, but what about medium levels??? Also in the same edition they say the ATCs best parteners are the Cyrus CD8x/8vs. Would the 8vs have enough ummph to drive them? Indcidentally the recommended parteners for the Cyrus CD8X are the 8vs and Spendors S3e. I find this strange since i'd have thought the Spendors are polar opposite to the ATC in terms of sound and power requirements etc. Thanks, jules.

Ketan Bharadia

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Jun 7, 2007
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Hi Jules,
We think of low-level as the kind of volume levels you might use late at night if you don't want to disturb anyone else in the house. Your definition of high level is spot-on, and medium is just between the two.
As regards speaker recommendations you have to remember there isn't just one solution when it comes to system matching. Both the ATCs and Spendors work well with the Cyrus amp. The ATCs are more explicit and punchy while the Spendors have a sweeter, more forgiving balance. The choice is yours. Lastly, yes, the Cyrus will drive the ATCs properly.


Thanks v much Ketan. That certainly gives me some more auditioning to do!

I suppose I'd use headphones for low-level listening anyway. jules.


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