At last, my new amp


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Sep 12, 2007
After many months messing about I've finally replaced my old NAD amp with a Roksam Kandy K2 ex-demo thats approx 2 months old. I don't even think its been proper;y run in.

Well what to say about it? I've been unhappy with the NAD for a while thinking the bass is to woolly, loose and over bearing. This K2 is so different. The bass is tighter, cleaner, not so over powering. The sound stage is more defined, there is greater seperation between instrutments, obviously there is greater detail but its not fatiging (so far). Vocals have greater clarity. All in all its made my system so much better. The main thing is I'm glad its working well with my Dali Royal Towers. Now I'm wondering if changing the CD player out for the K2 will make a difference? Surely its not going be such a big leap forward as changing the amp will it?

This leap forward in S.Q raises the question as well, surely the more money you spend in equipment the less the difference in S.Q improvement is possible? Isn't it the law of diminishing returns? It gets to the point where the changes in S.Q will become so small in relation to the amount of money your spending. Because of this I think I've found my limit. Don't get me wrong I'm lucky enough to be able to spend alot more on hifi equipment but I think the returns above this level now (700-1000quid for each piece) just doesn't warrent the outlay.

I'm now off to dig out some old CD's and start to listen properly.


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Aug 21, 2009
I'm glad you are enjoying your new amp.

The law of diminishing returns is as subjective and personal as everything else to do with hifi.
A taste of what extra money gets you, can be quite addictive provided you chose wisely.

I think a source can make a substantial difference, but don't fall into the trap of just looking at the Roksan CDP (because you own the amp), without checking out the alternatives from the likes of Rega, Musical Fidelity, Sugden and Electrocompaniet.

The point at which the law of diminishing kicks in is very individual, and has to be discovered for oneself depending on expectations, priorities and finance.


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Jun 14, 2011
I agree with CnoEvil - the source can make a big difference, as can any component in the chain. I've just upgraded my system with a DAC which has not only rendered CDs with far more detail but has done the same for TV & iTunes via optical. If your current CDP has digital out, consider a DAC that can take other digital inputs as when required.


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