Arcam DV137 and AVR350 to replace Alpha 6 CD and Alpha 10 Amp


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Aug 10, 2019
I am currently using an Arcam Alpha 6 CD and Alpha 10 amp with a pair of Jamo Concert 8 speakers for my CD listening, the Alpha 6 goes through a Musical Fidelity X24 DAC, I also have an Pioneer VSX Ax5i Surround amp and Pioneer DV868avi DVD player for my movies, the Pioneer amp preouts are connected in to the Arcam Alpha 10 for front speakers. Now, if I replace the whole lot with a Arcam DV137 and AV350 and connect the digital out of the DV137 to the MF X24DAC for CD listening will I get the same great sound as from the Alpha6/10/MFX24DAC, Has anyone tried a similar setup Reason for upgrading/swapping is to save on number of boxes but I am very happy with the sound of current CD playback, I have tried to connect the Pioneer DVD through the X24DAC for CD but the sound is not as good as through the Arcam setup.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
If it were my money, I'd be buying a Marantz DV7001 and an Onkyo TX-SR875, and feeling very smug about the money I'd saved over the Arcam combination. The Marantz will give you excellent DVD playback, and should also prove a fine CD player, either alone or with the addition of the MF DAC.


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