Apple TV or Squeezebox Duet?


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Aug 10, 2019
I've just managed to get my computer to stream music to my PS3 and realising the handiness of it I was thinking of getting one of the above. Most of my music is in Apple lossless so the PS3 is no use (realise there are ways round this but having done some research decided it was too complicated) but now that previous purchases from itunes can be upgraded to DRM free the Squeezebox is looking like a good idea.

Problem is, being able to access all my tunes with the Apple TV without having the laptop on sounds good too. Anyway I'll cut to the chase - If I thought the sound quality was better on the Squeezebox it might swing it for me, so does anyone know how they compare?


Assuming you'll be using the internal DAC of your 875, both products will sound the same.

If you're using the analogue outputs I reckon the Duet will have the edge.

How much music do you have (in GB)?

They are very different products.

The Duet requires the PC or a NAS to be on and running the SqueezeCentre software.

The Apple TV will allow local storage if you don't have too much music, but alternatively you can stream to it from a laptop using AirTunes.

The killer for me is that you can rip your DVDs to and put your photos on Apple TV as well, and control it via iTouch when you want to play music without the TV switched on.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I'd probably use the optical output or HDMI so yeah the DAC in the amp. I wasn't sure about that one you see. I could put all my music on the Apple TV as I have about 70 gigs worth in lossless. Don't have an Ipod touch but could always get one later on for the handiness of using it as a remote. I have about £250 to spend and part of the dilema was that they were both about the same price. The Apple TV seems to have more functionality and since the sound quality will be the same I reckon I'll go for that.

Thanks for your help.


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