Apple lossless .. I have noticed when ripping from CD to AL its been a bit to bass heavy??


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys & gals I have noticed lately that quite a few of my cd's I have ripped in Itunes via AL have been a bit distorted & bass heavy? Do you think it might be the soundblaster soundcard settings are to high eg the eqalizer,volume,rec level? I just cant seem to get it correct of late where its used to be cool! But i have always had this soundcard? The only thing that has changed is I now have a ipod classic...anybody else had this prob!


The ripping and conversion process should not change the sound to that degree (it shouldn't change it at all but I don't want to get into that argument right now
. I'd check your playback settings first. Check both your soundcard playback settings and the settings of whatever you use to playback the tracks. In particular, make sure that any graphic equalizers are switched off and you don't have sound check or sound enhancer enabled in iTunes. When ripping, try a different setting for Error Correction (i.e if it's currently on, switch it off.)


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