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Anyone have a view on Rotel RB1066 or RB976 ?

Tim Smith

New member
May 18, 2012
Hello Experts - need some advice on amplifiers!

I have put 2 pairs of B&W's CC683's ceiling speakers in our kitchen & dining room and a pair of AM-1's outside. Music source is a Bluesound Node2 and the indoor speakers are currently driven by an old AV amp (Yamaha AX-2) as an interim measure. I've used Chord Rumour2 cable. Even with this older AV amp, the system sounds pretty OK but I want to get a wider, crisper sound and I'm pretty sure upgrading the AMP would give a positive result.

Looking for recomendations on amplification for these 6 channels. I did think about 2 Rotel RB1066's or RB976's (bridging 12 effective channels to 6) which are going for about £150 each on ebay or a Rotel 1552 Mk2 driving both pairs on internal speakers and then worry about the outdoor speakers (which don't need the same sort of quality) later.

Any views on these set ups or sound quality of the Amps?


New member
Jan 12, 2017
If you are going for a Rotel RB-976, make sure you get the Mark 2 version. Although the original 976 and the Mk 2 version look almost identical, the internals are completely different (and I mean totally different). The original amp is essentially built on a single board whereas the Mk 2 amplifiers are built on 3 separate identical circuit boards (one on each heatsink). They also added various remote and signal sensing auto startup options and a fully fledged amp/loudspeaker protection system. The RMB1066, which some say has the edge over the 976, is really a 976 Mk2 in a different box, as all the audio boards are the same. It was so good that they kept it for the 10 series. Incidently, the 3 level controls for the 976 are still retained on the 1066. Look carefully and you will find them as miniature pots tucked in between the front casing fins just to the right of the centre front panel (you use a small screwdriver to adjust them . Clever huh?).



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