Anyone have a Sony TV with AirPlay?


Jun 11, 2020
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Anyone have a Sony TV with AirPlay on, can do me a test please.

Using iTunes movie or TV episode that is in 4K, can you AirPlay from an iPhone and see if it plays as a 4K movie on the TV please.

I believe there is sort of 2 ways AirPlay works, 1 is direct from your iPhone to that TV, and another basically it “points”’ to where the movie is on Apple server, a url, and then plays it direct from that via the iPhone to the TV and so plays in 4K.

Can someone test this please, and tell me if the movie is in 4K and with Dolby Vision HDR.

Sony don’t hand the Apple TV+ app yet (Sony says it’s coming....), and so want to check that it still plays 4K iTunes movies via AirPlay.



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