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Anyone getting the new Apple iPad announced?


I am getting the new iPad Pro 12.9, I thought it was going to be really expensive with a really big price increase but fortunately it’s not too bad the price hike. I didn’t get the last generation but think I will this, how about you guys? Cheers.


I have been thinking and I have decided is way too expensive for me. I bought my current two iPad Pros when they were discounted and were customer returns at £600 but £1000 is excessive!


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Oct 30, 2019
Well, for my business I use an iPad 3 and an iPad Mini 2. They both work fine, and one of the reasons I picked the (2nd-hand) Mini 2 was that I needed something that would just work with the mixing desk etc - Android devices offer better price-to-performance ratios, but finding one that would definitely work (ie, no issues with screen resolutions etc etc etc) wasn't trivial.

I do most of my computing on a laptop, though, and can't see that changing any time soon - I do quite a lot of typing, and use software that isn't available outside of a desktop OS: REW, XSim, Hornresp, SketchUp, as well as some video gaming.

So, I probably won't be buying the latest iPad. You can get a whole lot of music, or a couple of decent microphones, for £1000.




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