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Any experience with DALI & JMR?


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Aug 31, 2016
Hi all,

Just auditioned the DALI Epicon 6, the JMR Orfeo Supreme, PMC Twenty 26s, and Naim Orator S-400s...

I tried the Naims first and didn't particularly find them to my liking.

Next up were the Dali & the JMR which I liked pretty much equally. I'd like to learn a bit more but can't find much in the way of reviews or public opinion threads on either brand unfortunately. Both models run about $10'000 which is more than what I was planning on spending...so I have to wonder if such a jump is worthwhile (I was originally thinking of B&W 804 D2s for $6'400).

The PMCs I auditioned last. Perhaps this was a mistake. After the DALI & JMR, I just found them a bit lacking. My original intention was to see if they'd suit me better than the B&W 804 D2s...but they're still $8'500 here in Switzerland. I found them in Ireland for about $6'000 but I'm not sure as to the hassle of shipping, setting things up myself, after sales service, etc.

So....I don't know...other than liking them...is there a compelling reason to go with DALI or JMR?

Throughout this process I keep thinking of the old adage...

"Better is the enemy of Good Enough"....


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Apr 30, 2012
Hi. I haven't heard those particular models - I auditioned a pair of Dali Opticon2 or Rubicon2 (can't remember) and JMR Bliss standmounters. This was done with my old Naim UQ2 + Nap100, DNM Reson speaker cable. For my tastes, the JMR were way better. If they weren't that big and had just a hit of a smoother treble, I would've given them very serious consideration - over PMC DB1 Gold, ATC SCM11 (well these, of course, needed more power), Martin Logan 35XT and B&W CM5S2.

The only suggestion I can add to the mix would be Revel Performa series, if you have any dealers around.



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