Monitor Audio Silver 6 or Silver 8


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Jan 21, 2015

Was wondering if anyone had an opinion on these two speakers: Monitor Audio Silver 6 and Monitor Audio Silver 8.

I auditioned several speakers: B&W 683 S2, Dali Ikon M6, Boston Acoustics A 360, KEF Q700, Paradigm Monitor 11, Zu Omen

I am not saying any of them were bad, but the Monitor Audio Silver 6 was the one that I likes best. I haven't had a chance to audition the Silver 8, but have read rave reviews. It is generally considered a better choice than the Silver 6, it seems like.

Anyone here who has heard both and has a opinion? Any other speakers in the same price range that I need to check out?

I will be using the speakers for about 60% music and 40% movies. I don't plan to use a subwoofer. Room size is about 350 square feet. Music types would mainly be blues, classic rock, some pop and indie rock.

I am also conflicted about a suitable amp for the speakers. Currently in contention:
Peachtree Nova 125SE
Peachtree Nova 65SE
Cambridge Audio Topaz SR-20
Yamaha AS501
Marantz PM6005

Anyone has an opinion on these?

Thank you.


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Feb 20, 2011
If you have a bigger room you can part with the Silver 8,otherwise it could overpower your room.The Silver 6 has plenty of bass for most rooms imo.But I guess you have to try yourself as I didn´t found the step to the 8´s is worth anyway.I would consider the 10´s instead.The Peachtree 125SE is a great choice for all Silver Series.It´s a nice combo with great synergy.
Aug 31, 2014
tbh the silver S8s offer bags of low end but two things i would consider is if your room is big enough and also if u got a powerful enough amp to get the best out of them but the Silver S6s are a brilliant floor stander but the B&Ws are as good as the Silver S6s i would demo both of them together with your setup and then decide what speaker is best for u , but personally i would comapre demo the silver S6 and B&W DM684s they both are great for your kind of requirements


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