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Question Amplifier for Triangle Esprit Titus speakers?


Nov 18, 2020
Hi all... I have 2 systems. My second system has a Rotel 840 BX4 amp feeding JPW Sonata speakers that is starting to fail. Main system has a Cambridge Azur 651a amp running Triangle Esprit Titus speakers. Sounds good, but wondering if I should keep the Cambridge, and replace the Rotel, or... shift the Cambridge over to replace the Rotel and then get a new primary amp to run the Triangles? Read that the Cambridge could be too bright for the Triangles and that a warmer/smoother amp may give them a lift and enhance my listening pleasures... The Creek evolution, Roksan Kandy, Myryad, Cyrus and Rega Amps have good reviews in this area. What do you reckon, stick with the Cambridge as little step up... or switch to a different amp for the Triangles? I tend to buy second hand by the way...Cheers for any insights and suggestions.
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Nov 23, 2007
You don't say exactly which model your Rotel amp is. It could be worth a repair, and may actually be worth keeping in your second system. Generally I find Rotel to be better than Cambridge Audio.

You could then sell the Cambridge and buy a new amp for your main system.

I find Roksan Kandy amps to be very forward and bright - like party animals - and I don't think one of these will solve your brightness issue. I'd point you in the direction of Rega or Creek out of the makes you list, but I'd also suggest looking at any iteration of the Naim Nait 5 (5, 5i or 5si). Well built, musically involving, good current delivery to get the best out of your speakers, and no hint of artificial brightness or hardness.