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Aug 10, 2019
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Merry Christmas All...

I am looking for a new Power Amp to replace the 840A (see sig) - any suggestions?

It is not currently controlling bass well on the 1008be's so maybe isn't up to the job, anyway it is the next piece of kit due to be upgraded. The speakers are upgrades from Ruark CL10s and the amp had no problems with the bass on those, but they were less demanding I suppose?

Budget is 2K new or used. Planning on swapping the 840A for the 840E preamp (as it matches my AV amp visually) and getting a power amp. Considered the 840W but don't think that would be good enough for the focals? If the 840e isn't sufficiently transparent, I'll just bypass it when listening to the M-dac. Not so fussed about the vinyl side of things.

I had in mind Sugden Masterclass Power, NuForce 9v3se monoblocks and or maybe a levardin ?



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