Amp speaker pairing AXA35 KEF Q350


Feb 12, 2022
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Hi everyone. I'm starting my journey into the Hi-Fi world. I've recently bought a AT-LPW50PB turntable and I've been listening to my LP's on my ATH-M50 headphones with a Behringer HA4000 headphone amp. Although it's not a bad sound at all, I want to invest in a dedicated amp and speaker setup. I've done some research and I was wondering if a pair of KEF Q350 with a Kube 10" 300W sub would be a good pairing with a Cambridge Audio AXA35 . I've figured the amp would be on the quiet side for the speaker but I don't need much volume and would be happy to hupgrade in the future.



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Hi - how big is your room? Where will your speakers be placed (and distance from back wall) What kind of music do you usually listen to? Is the turntable the only source you'll be using?

Also - do you have any dealerships near you where you can go and audition? Reviews and other people's opininons are fine, but only you can decide what works best for you - so go listen to some stuff and let your ears decide.
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