Amp - speaker match problem?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there, I currently own a Yamaha RX-V650 surround receiver and a Yamaha DVD-S557 DVD player. They are still connected to a pair of small Infinity monitors, since my current room is to small for surround activities...when I bought this kit three years ago I thought investing in the future would be the right thing to do! Now, at the end of the year I'm moving to a "real" house, with a notably larger lvingroom (5 x 5 meters). My plans are to stick with my current kit but the speakers and try to end up with a 5.1 setup in the end. In my quest for the right speaker, I have now come across the Monitor Audio RS6 as my favorite. Fantastic sound, relatively small towers (Girlfriend-friendly) and excellent upgrading possibilities for HT. But... on many forums I've read that they don't go quite well with japanese kit, such as Yamaha. The combination of the two would sound to bright. Since I really, really like the RS6s (not only for sound! I heard them on a stereo Marantz amp, 7000 series), I wonder what I could change in my setup to counter the brightness, without having to get rid of my yammy receiver. in other words, what DVD player (or CD player) or speaker wiring will I have to go for to counter this possible problem. I guess I could spend about 300 € (or 200 quid) on a CD/DVD player on top of the speakers... Can it be done? I hope you have some suggestions.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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van Den Hul cables have traditionally been a good brightness-taming solution, so they'd be worth a try, but it'd also help to look at how your room it set up: if you've bare floors and lots of hard surfaces, for example, a system can sound a lot harsher than a carpeted room with heavy curtains, bookcases etc.

And I think it's far too sweeping a generalisation to say all Japanese kit is bright and wouldn't suit the MAs. Certainly Pioneer kit is typically on the lively side, so that might not be a good plan, but much Yamaha and certainly Denon kit tends to be incredibly balanced and hard to make sound harsh.


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Jul 28, 2007
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For £600 that you gonna spend on a pair of RS6 I would spend that on the whole hifi system and buy a sat/sub to use for AV duty.
I would spend £600 on cambridge audio 540a and 540c and Q Acoustics 1020 (if you shop around hard enough you can get a pair of ,much better, Monitor Audio BR2 Speakers for a similar price). The hifi sound this system produce will out class the yammies combo with RS 6, try it and see! and your ears.


Thanks both for your replies, @ Clare thanks for the tip, I just got a bit worried after reading a couple of threads at other forums. I certainly am going to try and audition my amp with the MA's in my new house when it's ready. And acoustics certainly are something I have to take a good look at, since your description painfully resembles what I have in mind with the room...

@ Thaiman, I want to go for the RS6's just because it's the start of something bigger. Once I've got my surround set up right, I think about investing in good stereo equipment to make 'em really shine! I see it more as, again, an investment in the future. Cambridge would certainly be good kit, but, maybe, by that time I can afford something like Primare or Arcam kit. Thanks for your opinion!


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