Amp & CD player for Aviano 6


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi! I live in Asia, am a complete newbie as far as home audio goes & this is my first post here.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a pair of Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 foorstanders after reading the reviews here & having a listen in the shop. I also liked the Cambridge Audio Azur 650A amp & 650C cd player that were setup with these speakers but decided to come back later for the amp & cd player as I had already blown up all my savings on the floorstanders. [:'(]

I went back to the shop a couple of days ago to pick up the 650A & 650C but there weren't any available. They set up a Creek Evo 2 instead with a pair of Dali Concept 6 floorstanders (shop had run out of Aviano 6 as well) & the Creek Evo 2 sounded great too. Now I am not sure whether I should wait for the Azur 650A or buy the Evo 2. The Evo 2 costs only 53% more than the 650A here. In England the Evo 2 amp (600 GBP) appears to cost 71% more than the 650A (300 GBP). So should I buy the Evo 2 amp instead of the 650A? If I choose the Evo 2 amp, will I need to buy the Evo 2 cd player or can I get the 650C cd player as I had originally planned.

My sincere thanks in advance for your advice.


Thanks for your reply vinod_david.

The Aviano 6 speakers are already in my living room. I am not sure whether to get the Azur 650A (for which I have to wait) or the Evo 2 amp (which is available off the shelf) to drive them with. The problem is I haven't heard the Aviano 6s driven with the Evo 2. I guess I could ask the shop to bring the Evo 2 home & have a listen but so far I have been too lazy to get that organised.

Do you think the Evo 2's build quality is a lot better than the 650A's? Also, can I pair the Evo 2 amp with the 650C cd player or should I consider the Evo 2 cd player instead.

Thanks once again.


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Nov 18, 2007
If not heard the Evo with your Aviano, then my advise would be to wait and get the 650 combo, which is an excellent match for your speakers.


Thanks for your very sensible advice. I guess I will wait for the 650A & 650C & save myself some money.


Hi Church_Bells, i have the CA650C with the Creek Evo 2 and to me they work well together, great sound from them, only erk i have at moment is on some stuff the baas dominates but think its more to do with my speakers having a double rear port and tight for space in my room