Already got racked hi fi. want quality mp3 with remote to go with it.


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Aug 10, 2019
I have already got a racked Hi Fi system along with home theatre system and looking for a simple MP3 player with hard drive where I can load my CD and rip it to the hard drive and then using remote just sit back and play my library of music. It needs to have the gracenote type of music identification and be the standard racked seperate box. Can I find one? hell no. All I can see is the Brennan JB7 but that is a daft size and will look crazy in my rack. Dont' want to use Ipod with dock as already have this and it's a messy set up with poor quality. Neither do I want to use a pc or lap top again got this and still messy. Spent hours surfing and suprised to find that I must be alone with this request. Anyone got suggestions. Budget up to £500 if possible. Got Roksan Kandy Amp and CD player, Dynaudio audiance 82, Sony theatre AV receiver, Mordaunt Short theatre 5 to 1 + subwoofer, Sony DVD player recorder, Samsung Blue ray, Freesat fox sat, Panasonic Plasma TV.


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Jul 16, 2008
What about this:

A bit above your budget but possibly available cheaper now. There are several similar devices on the market but most won't be full rack width. There are some Windows Home Server PCs which are rack width and can be configured to do what you want.

Search for RipNAS and I have seen other similar units.


The Cambridge 640h looks just right for what I want and found a couple on Ebay. Do you know if the product is still current and if not is there an up to date product that you know of.
Thanks for getting me in the right direction.

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
It's not current no, but it's not been out of production for that long, so will still be supported by Cambridge. They have a good customer support system on their website, maybe worth dropping them a line and seeing if they can still offer servicing etc.

Do note that the Yamaha was rather better thought of than the Cambridge at the time, if you can get a hold of one...

As for up-to-date versions of these - no, not that I'm aware of, and not convinced that there will be any time soon, as all the manufacturers concentrate on PC- or NAS-based storage solutions for their network players.


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