Advice on amp+pre for speakers and headphones under $2000 - Rag 2?


Jul 13, 2020
Hi! I'm a long time music lover but haven't really invested in good gear up to this point (didn't have the resources) - mostly used vintage equipment and listened to vinyl as well as digital straight from the PC.

I'm looking to upgrade my work room setup - the idea is to place on a desk and connect to my PC (Tidal), perhaps add another turntable in the future. This needs to drive headphones as well as B&W 607s or 606s (haven't decided yet), but I might get floor-standers for this room later on. I need both headphones and speakers as this is a work room with both a desk and a sitting area.

I was thinking about either (1) the Schiit Ragnorak 2; (2) Cambridge Audio CXA81 (3) Schiit Freya+ with Vidar and Magni.

The two integrated options would probably be more convenient as space is an issue. Also, the Freya option would require additional spend on a DAC (I think) - maybe a Modi Multibit? this would still be more expensive than the two other options.

Is the upgrade over the integrated options worth the extra cost and hassle? is the Modi a compromise?

Also, any thoughts regarding Rag 2 vs the CXA81?

Anyway, any thoughts on the above or other ideas would be awesome.

Once again, thanks!

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If it were my money i'd choose this Schiit Freya+ with Vidar and Magni and you will need a dac as you say

Or a naim dac V1 with a nap 100 but might be a little pricy where you are but fewer boxes and a very tidy system though no allotment for a for vinyl replay. But you could add another pre down the line and use the V1 as just a dac if you wish to play records again.


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Apr 30, 2012
You should really try to audition, I'm not sure that pairing B&W with either the CXA81 or Ragnarok 2 would be a good idea, unless you really like a bright sound.

As for the amps, I'd find the Schiit more tempting (I haven't heard either the new CA range nor the Rag) because I know one thing: the Mani is great, and it's phonostage is basically the Mani. Besides, they make great headphone amps, so the one in the Rag surely isn't an afterthought. Also, the DAC is basically the Modi Multibit with just a USB input.

And yes, most likely the separates are better. But then again, you could get better speakers with the cash you save if you go for any of the integrateds.