Advice on a new home theatre set-up


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello everybody,

I am about to buy a new home theatre A/V, speakers and projector for my place. The candidates so far are the following:


Denon AVR-1910 (£ 449.95)

Yamaha RX-V1065 (£ 509.95)


Tannoy Arena with TS500 sub (£ 399.95)

KEF KHT2005.3 (£ 499.95)

Q Acoustics 1010i (£ 349.95)


Sanyo PLZ700 (£ 937.49)

Optoma HD20 (£ 899.85)

So far I am leaning towards Yamaha amp with Tannoy speakers and the Sanyo...any thought on this setup? Any suggestions for something different within this budget?

Only costraints are: I need the amp to have more that 1 optical in, have a variety of component and hdmi inputs (possibly a s-video one too) and do upscaling to 1080p (and being good at it

The projector needs to be Full HD and have a short throw: 80" from about 3 meters (possibly with some extra brightness to spare in case we wanna watch the occasional tv show while the living room lights are on...rare but it could happen)

The speakers instead needs to be VISUALLY appealing (or the wife will kill me and then ask for a divorce :) )

Thank you in advance for your help :)


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Jun 30, 2008
A possiblie good deal at A1 sound Onkyo 607 with Q acoustics 1010i and free £150 speaker cable for £799, or shop around and get it for £699 without cable. I prefer the the Tannoy's over the the Kefs, but expensive speaker stands and grilles may put you off. Also consider the the Monitor Audio range like the older Radius series or newer Vectors, compact and good looking. Don't know much about Projectors but the Sanyo does seem to get quite good reviews for the price, also what source are you going to use something like the Sony 360 blu ray player available to preorder at Blockbusters with four free films for £149 seems a bargain. I think you really need to audition the Projector first and then work out what funds you will have left for your speakers and amp. Good luck


Hello Lobby,

Thx for the reply.

About the projector, that price range would really be the maximum budget (at least for the moment) and so I will be left with about £ 1000 for speakers and a amp. The source for all this would be a media center pc which is already built and waiting for its new playground :)

One another side, the Tannoy Arena with the TS500 are actually impossible to find (even though they keep being advertised as available on the site) and the only ones available apparently are the Arena Lite: are they worth the money compared to the Arena (not lite). I am checking to see which amps is bundled with them.

The other option would have been the Q Acoustics 2000 5.1 (£ 480) What are your thoughts about these?

I will check out the Onkyo and the Monitor Audio you are suggesting :)


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