Advice for new B&W 606 speakers


Apr 24, 2020
Last week I bought a set of B&W 606 speakers and connected them to my Sonos Amp amplifier. I am a bit in doubt about the best settings for the speakers and Amp. The speakers are about 10cm from the wall. Is it wise to keep the foam plugs in the bass output of the speakers?

Do you have any tips on how to set the EQ for the Sonos Amp? I can not find many experiences from this combination, only that the 606 standard has a fairly high treble? And what is recommended in terms of bass settings?

I notice in my ears that they are now getting 'tired' from the sound.
Port bungs are there for convenience, for when the speakers cannot go anywhere but right up against the wall. The problem with using bungs is that they suck the life out of the speaker, and they no longer sound like the speaker you auditioned and chose based on how it sounded. So I’d say, bungs are a last resort.

Because of this, a suitable speaker really should be chosen for this type of placement. Choosing the right speaker for the room greatly reduces the need for adding physical room treatment or using the dreaded digital room correction features.

Tone controls are best left off with digital components like this, but if you have to use them, only use them in a very subtle way, like reducing bass by 2, maybe 3dB at the most. Change the tone too much, and again, you’re no longer listening to the 606s that Bowers & Wilkins spent a lot of time designing and voicing - and presumably, your reason for buying them.
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Apr 30, 2012
I agree to everything that's been said, and I'll add that the Sonos is not enough of an amp for B&W (their specs always look benign, but they do need propper juice) - you should look at Roksan or Arcam stuff.


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