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    Music Streaming via Sonos?

    Hi All. I have a Sonos system; 2 x Play1, Playbar and Sub. The play bar is connected to my Samsung TV connection box and thence to the Broadband Router. My PC is a hard wire connection to the Router, and I use the Sonos app on the PC to relay tunes from Tidal to the speakers. Is this set up...
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    Stereo streaming solution for a 38m2 living room?

    Hi I'm looking for a streaming solution for a 38m2 living room. It has to be wifi, not bluetooth, and I'm not interested in smart-functions. Most important is the sound quality. I would like stereo. I am looking at a stereo pair of Sonos One SL, but are there any better alternatives within a...
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    New Amp/streamer - so confused what to get

    Hi, I can't decide on what to get - perhaps you can help me out. What I have: - Monitor audio silver 6 speakers - a TV Now I need a replacement for my Onkyo receiver that broke down. I also started questioning my choice of speakers since I thought they sounded a little too cold/neutral with...
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    Question Sonos Arc with One SLs

    I finally sold my 10+ year old setup (Denon AVR 2310 + Kef 3005SE), although I’ve kept my B&W PV1 that I upgraded from the original Kef sub. Anyway I’m considering the arc with one sl rears as I would prefer a simpler and wire free set up. I also think it would also allow me to have a proper...
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    How best to upgrade Sonos Connect?

    I bought into Sonos quite a while ago, and given the launch of S2 and the fact that I have old and new products, I’m looking at how to move things on. In my living room I have Sonos Connect connected to a Marantz PM66SE Ki Sig amp with Marantz PM63 CD player and Monitor Audio Silver 5i...
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    Advice for new B&W 606 speakers

    Last week I bought a set of B&W 606 speakers and connected them to my Sonos Amp amplifier. I am a bit in doubt about the best settings for the speakers and Amp. The speakers are about 10cm from the wall. Is it wise to keep the foam plugs in the bass output of the speakers? Do you have any tips...