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    Should I buy something better than Aiyima preamp/amp to go with my BW 606s2 anniversary speakers?

    I'm a new hifi guy so I read some reviews and bought the B&W 606 S2s and bought an Aiyima A08 amp and Aiyima T8 Preamp and then I plug my laptop into my Fiio M11 Plus LTD in Dac Mode and it sounds great. Is there something I'm missing here by not buying a more expensive amp? If you think so...
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    Advice for new B&W 606 speakers

    Last week I bought a set of B&W 606 speakers and connected them to my Sonos Amp amplifier. I am a bit in doubt about the best settings for the speakers and Amp. The speakers are about 10cm from the wall. Is it wise to keep the foam plugs in the bass output of the speakers? Do you have any tips...