Active Speakers vs Power Amp for computer + DAC & headphone amp / pre amp


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Mar 28, 2011
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Hi gang! I'm not sure quite which part of the forum to ask this but...

I am looking to get some speakers to plug in to my PC via my DAC (Yulong D100 mkII), something that gives my headphones a good run for their money (Denon D7000 / AKG Q701) and I'm wondering...

Would it be best to go for an active speaker setup or increase my budget to include a power amplifier as well? I would like desktop speakers rather than floorstanders but apart from that size is not an issue. I have a flexible budget of £500. The DAC has analogue phono and balanced XLR outputs if that helps.

Thanks muchly for any help you can give :)


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Feb 8, 2008
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I think you will find it difficut to get speakers of any description at £500, that will match the sound quality of your headphones. Having said that, a used pair of proaudio actives such as Dynaudio BM5As would be a good start, or other actives in the same quality band.

I picked up my speakers for £450 delivered and were somewhat of a bargain. I would most definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a similar solution to yourself.

If you were to increase your budget, I'd say get better actives still.


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