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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys,

I have just joined the forum and am getting back into the hifi scene after many many years away from it relying on my laptop and b&w speakers for my sound. At present I have a Tag Maclaren CD Player in storage and for certain reasons can't get to it for now but I have got my Marantz PM17 ki amp and am looking for a good cd player to go with. I like a warm smooth sound which the Tag gave and I have been reading up on a variety of cd players such as the:

1.Marantz CD6004,

2. the ARCAM FMJ DV29,

3. Arcam cd73,

4. Arcam CD92,

5. Arcam DV79,

6. Cambridge Audio Azur 640c vr2.

I can get the Marantz cd6004 for £200 new and boxed, and i could get the Arcam FMJ DV29 also around £200 and i think that these two would be a great choice, especially when i read reviews of both but esecially the Arcam FMJ DV79.This has got stunning reviews and apparently plays sacd's superbly opening up another world off sound apparently!..is this the best possibly for me right now?

How would the other Arcams compare and what would you guys here recommend to get me on the road to listening to quality music again. I mostly listen to brass, classical and jazz tho at times rock music is listened too when needed.. but I like good bass in the cd player as well as good detail.

Also do I need a separate DAC to go along with any off these cd players?? My first system was a Sony cdp991 and a separate french DAC and that was great... 20 years ago lol.

I have also looked at a tuner as well to go with things as I love listening to classic fm and radio 3 for its classical programs and have looked at the following tuners if someone can please recommend?

1. Denon TU260L II Tuner 2. Marantz ST6000 3. Arcam T61 Tuner 4. Cambridge Audio DAB300 Tuner 5. Arcam T31 Tuner

I am recovering from a serious rta where I was knocked off my bicycle by a van and sustained many broken bones including legs , ankles, shoulders and neck vertabrae so very lucky to be here so I want to appreciate quality sound as I'v mentioned. For now I am looking medium range equipment tho when my claim from his insurance emerges the sky will be the limit and i'll be no doubt be asking your advice for more hi-end equipment !! lol, but for now can someone please advise on which cd player and tuner to get.

I appreciate all and any advice and hope to hear from someone soon so as I can buy.

many thanks


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Aug 21, 2009
Hi there again.

I'm sorry to hear about your accident.

Let me throw out a suggestion which you can feel free to reject.

I believe the CDP is on the way out and a streamer is more veratile, gives better performance for your budget, and gives you access to radio stations as well.

I don't know how mobile you are, but I suggest you give either/both Michael at Lyric Hi-Fi; and David/Gary at Kronos a ring and talk over your needs.

The Linn Sneaky is a great bit of kit, but might be a little outside budget, but Lyric would be happy to demo it for you if interested.

The Cocktail Audio X10 might be something of interest, and is sold by Kronos.

I actually own a DV79 which is OK as a CDP, but is a bit smooth and undynamic compared to a Linn DS.

Lyric: http://www.lyrichifi.com/

Kronos: http://www.kronosav.com/

I have found both these dealers helpful and knowledgeable, so maybe worth a shot.



many thanks for the reply and the information regarding the cdp etc..and for your kind words regarding the accident.. by all accounts i 'm lucky to be here.!!

I used to know Michael from Lyric quite well as that is where I bought my Tag cd player from and the I bought my first hifi system from the guys at Zeus Audio which i thnk became Kronos?? To be honest in the past I auditioned Linn products quite extensively in the past and know michael is a keen Linn stockist but I have never liked Linn or warmed to them due to not having enogh bass for me and they seemd a little coold for me! I know everyone's taste is different but for me Linn never got me excited!! even when linked to my B&W 802's!!.

I had a look at the cocktail x10 you have mentioned and that seems a very interesting option but is that not similar to having my laptop linked to my 2TB hard drive which has my huge music collection ripped as flac files and then running it through vlc etc? or are streamers a more versatile and better performing solution? I might go and see it or speak to the boys at Kronos like you say as I am starting to get a little more mobile and could do with gettting out for a while! ... If your ever selling the dv29 let me know lol..

Thank you for your help and advice, it's really appreciated, would be great to hear other ideas too if anyone else can comment?.


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Oct 1, 2011
You could always pick up the matching CD-17 CDP, they go quite cheap these days, around £200-£250 IIRC and then invest in the streaming side if you wish to go down that route.

It would make a nice transport if you went down the seperate DAC/Streaming route as well.

I am not sure SACD are worth the investment if you dont already have any disks. YMMV.

Nice amp BTW, I was after a champagne one but alas, could not find any that were not over priced or in Germany.


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Dec 29, 2012
I agree about SACDs, they are too expensive to buy, like £20+ compared to about £5 or much less for used cds, many people can't hear the difference anyway. You could consider a Blu-Ray dvd player that will play sacds and cds, cost from about £100. Streaming is the future but cds are usually much cheaper to buy than downloads so I think they will be around for a while yet. You can join sites like Spotify for listening but for streaming you will need the Premium which is £10 a month.


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Arcam DV78 or DV79 second hand. they go for around £100 these days, having been around a grand at new. They are DVD players that pre-date Blu-Ray, so go for silly money. Cds have probably got 5 good years left and currently account for 75% of sales. Downloading will eventually overtake and streaming will dominate in the future. But even with 5 years use, it will be £100 well spent. And you can play music DVDs!


Hi guys,

many thanks for the replies! I have the champagne Marantz PM17 amp and it gave a lovely smooth sound indeed and i am sure will still do along with the right cd player and speakers!. Ionly mentioned sacd because the FMJ DV29 got rave reviews on playing them but i agree they are too pricey and not somethinh i would tend to buy to be honest!

I do have a spotify account etc but regarding streaming, does this not open a whole can off debate regarding bit rate etc of say itunes downloads or music compared to a ripped cd to flac files?? i always follwed this advice that it is better to rip to flac and play rather than use even itunes store due to inferior mp3/4 quality even at 320mps! or are you suggesting you ripp my cd collection to flac and put on a streamer?

I have listened to some serious music lately, some tracks mp3/4 and then the same as Flac and there is a huge difference with more depth and detail coming from the flac files..but as i said this is probaly a whole new discussion!?lol:)

At the minute i would probably go with a CDP for now an then look at a more comprehensve setup when i have sufficient funds to allow such induldance! lol..The Marantz cd17 Mk3 seems a great player and would be one i would seriously consider to go along with the superb PM17 KI i have.. is anyone selling one on here?lol :)

Thank you guys for taking time to give your suggestions and advice



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