67% discount - Altec Lansing inAir 5000 Wireless Speaker Dock for £99.95!

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michael hoy said:
michael hoy said:
Well, first thoughts are Quality box and packaging.

Looks good when unwrapped.

Connects very quickly and easy to setup.

Downside for me, no adjustment on the sound, bass is way to heavy.


Just moved it into the bedroom and it is a little lighter on the bass, also plugged the TV into it and the sound is very good.

Not bad at all for £99, eh? :)

Mine hasn't arrived yet.
Mine arrived yesterday. Initial impressions are good. Good authority over sound at low to mid volumes & good bass. I'm away from home this weekend so won't have a chance to listen to it further before Monday.


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May 2, 2010
What made you sell it ?

Im really liking it, especially the use ability as I can have my iPhone at hand rather than docking it like with the Zeppelin.

Its very much a low to medium volume performer. High volumes and it gets a bit unruly. Although it copes with stuff like Pendulum with ease.

It seems a bit fussy with placement though ?

All in all, £100 well spent. Glad you spotted it. Thanks.
richardw42 said:
What made you sell it ?

1) Bigger than I thought.

2) Did not want to get tied down to AirPlay as there is no guarantee I will be using iPhone / iPad for a long time. My wife is getting bored of her iPhone 4S, & I may change my iPad to a Windows / Android tablet next year.

3) Not entirely happy with audio dropouts.

4) Was getting a decent profit on selling it.

I need a portable wireless speaker to use with my iPad when watching films in bed. Bose bluetooth speaker is ideal but currently out of my budget (will buy it when I go to the US towards the end of next year).

So I have bought this instead for £33.99. Will report my findings.


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