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Nov 23, 2007
Having secured delivery of my new Michell turntable I'm now considering looking for a second hand CD player to bring my CD playing quality up to a similar level. I'm slightly worried about buying a player that uses a discontinued laser block/transport assembly given that Sony and Philips have both discontinued quite a lot of commonly used parts. I'm looking at brands like MF and Linn. Should I be cautious/worried or can these machines still be repaired with alternative parts should they fail? Do CD players last longer than I'm thinking?

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Paradoxically, older players probably last longer than newer ones, primarily to do with decreasing levels of QA (not a complaint, the ratio of value against quality has increased tenfold in the last 20 years - think far east manufacturing). But my CD Player is still going 17 years on.

And just FYI, I think you'd like the presentation of a Musical Fidelity X-Ray (v3) in tandem with your tecnodec.

the record spot

I've owned only two CD players in the last 11 years; Kenwood's DP-7090 from 1997 or so and as of this year its' replacement, a Linn Mimik from 1994. Build quality in the former was excellent; real battleship feel. the Linn oozes quality albeit with a slightly flimsy loading drawer, everything else is good. Retailed for around £800/£850 on release, you can pick one up now for about £250- £300 and it's a bargain if you like a full bodied, detailed presentation full of warmth.


My CD63Sig isn't totally embarrassed by my Sondek. It's not as good, really, really, not as good. But it's definitely good enough that I don't fuss too much over whether or not what I want to listen to is on CD or vinyl. Probably get one of those for 150quid second hand or a CD17Sig (not heard myself but allegedly that same but on steroids) for not a vast amount.


Secondhand is usually a good place to find quality products for a decent price, and cd players are no exception.

I've been chasing after a nice used model, preferably Marantz since it matches nicely with my amp, and sofar I've had some luck, I ran into a nice CD17 and CD10, but due to the fact that I was nearly broke at the time I let them go.

Buying used goods is all about patience, I've been checking eBay and the like and I'm sure that with some perseverance I can get an excellent machine for a decent price, it just takes some patience.

If you buy a decent player, i.e. something top of the line when it was released, most models are built to last. It just takes a good eye to spot a bargain, but I'm sure that when you do find something, you don't have to be afraid of the unit being 5 or 10 years old. It sure can give you enjoyment for another 10 years more.

As you can probably tell, the hunt is half the fun for me. Good luck with yours, and if you do find something don't hesitate to ask if it's worth giving a shot.


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